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Day 123 - Bremerton WA - Saturday, September 10, 2011

A special event today is the Craft Fair, and brought back by popular demand are the placemats made and sold by twins Gracie and Maisy Messmer and their brother Jack.  At $1 each, these creations are a bargain.

Of interest to me are the knitted items, because I have daughters that knit.  (They didn't learn from me.)

Pictured here is Myra of Cast On with Christmas tree ornaments of yarn balls with tiny knitting needles.  Oh, how cute!

Myra spins her own yarn, and I am further impressed that she has her spinning wheel with her -- on the boat --

I am lucky to get this yellow checked cup towel to hang by the crab towel from last year -- both made by Nita.  As I watched her sewing progress this Summer before the Rendezvous, I had to hint strongly that she should have a supply of yellow towels to sell at the Craft Fair.  

Among the several vendors displaying their product or service are Anne and Laurence of Dreamspeaker book series.

They are well traveled in the Northwest and write wonderful books to guide one about the islands.  I love their drawings which help in arriving at the destinations.

We utilized several of their publications this Summer -- but wait!  -- are The Broughtons in our future for next year???

Anchor Marine displayed information on its insurance.

Find Willie's Tug.  It's the one with the dog food container and water jug on the gunwale to block Jake from escaping.

A stroll along the dock finds Dil busy relaxing and reading in the cockpit of  Hercules.

Something tugs at my heartstrings and I hear Hercules inviting me aboard.  I don't hesitate!

Back under the Big Tent I see Max of Allotrope anxiously viewing his competition in the Veggie Race which is soon to start.  

Some of the entries and body parts are shown below, before they crash and are no longer recognizable.

You can tell by the expressions on the vegetables' faces that they have been having a good time, up to now.

Hopefuls Maureen and Janeane face off to begin the race at 4 PM.

Early results show Janeane's Zuma to be in the lead.

Later results show Zuma to be the winner of this run.

Maureen proclaims that her lady should win 'Best of Show.'  

I agree.

Gail predicts she will win the next set.  

It helps to stay on the ramp while rolling............

Gail's potato goes all the way!

Now a third race.

Max is using body English to assist.

Well, it helps, but his man gets injured.

It is run off time with Janeane and Gail.  

Shirley is thinking positive thoughts as she prepares to race her entry.

But not positive enough?

The race is paused for a pit stop as repairs are made to some of the entries, and Gail cleans the runway of body parts.

Emcee Lyman repairs the ramp which is damaged by over-aggressive vegetables.

The end of the race is near with one more elimination yet to go.  Lyman, the judge, explains the rules in depth, making it clear that a relative of the judge could not win a cash prize.  Janeane's future is in jeopardy now.

Not to worry -- her vegetable gets a slow start.

And then catches in the uneven area of the ramp -- never to roll again!

Max is declared the First Place winner as a result of his skill of race-veg building, and claims the cash prize.

All participants are honored and smile for their fans.

Creativity doesn't end here, as we see at Happy Hour.  Sylvia shares her boat hor d'oerves made of eggs, cheese and vegetables.  

Cute?  Yes, and also delicious!

Dave and Sylvia

The Awards Ceremony and Door Prize Drawing begins with Ranger Jeff and John Livingston.

Everyone who went on the Desolation Sound trip receives a certificate of achievement.

And now for the door prizes.............

Yanmar sold a few hats.

And gave a door prize.

Dinner is served and the deserts are both delicious and clever!

Buzzy and June - "Oh, I ate too much!"

The evening is over all too soon, and we sleep well at the close of the 3rd Annual Ranger Rendezvous.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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