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Finding the Segars -- Thursday, May 18, 2017

Once we catch our breath from being so busy with Sweet Caroline's needs, we turn our thoughts to the fact that since moving from Port Isabel, we haven't seen Joe and Pearl on a 'regular' basis like when they would come to their vacation home at The Point.

So we give them a call.  It is a perfect time for us to come see their new home, one of the three penthouses on the 32nd floor of their building, The Omni Hotel in downtown Ft. Worth.  The view is awesome and Willie gets her camera!  So does Herb.  

Pearl points out their church shown near the bottom and center of the photo below and says it is within walking distance.  It is St. Patrick Cathedral.

We stand on the balcony and look through the glass wall.

They have memories of having lived in Ft. Worth before and Pearl points out  the hospital (then named Harris Methodist) where seven of their nine children were born. Reminiscing further, she tells me that when she graduated from nursing school, she worked at St. Joseph Hospital until she and Joe married. When she went back to work after rearing her children, she chose to work at Harris.

Hearing the name, Montgomery & Ward, really takes me back to my childhood, when in the rural town we had to buy our clothes by mail order and filled out an order form torn out of the back of the catalog, mailing it by US mail.  One had to plan ahead.  No Amazon Prime then.  

The brick and mortar store was also connected to the catalog shipping facility. 

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and this building catches my eye immediately.  Pearl says it is The Tower, which was struck by lightening years ago, but the engineer said it was structurally safe, so it was converted into condos.

Joe and Herb spend some time catching up, and I grab a photo of Herb talking with his hands.   Well, actually it is only one hand; the other is holding a glass of wine.

The weather news warns of a possible tornado in the area, and we watch the sky as clouds come and go, but thankfully leave us with just a tad of rain.  We walk out on the balcony for more views of the city, but the sprinkles chase me inside.  The storm system stalls to the west of Ft. Worth, so we may have to drive through it tomorrow.

Once the threat of rain is gone, Joe and Pearl take us down to ground level to see the landscaping, and I especially like the fire pit area with its stone steps.  If you walk to the far side, you can see a panorama of the city of Dallas to the east.


Later we get a brief nice sunset when the sun peeks out to share its pinks and oranges below the dark moisture laden clouds above.

Herb adds these photos for me.  The white round dome in the third photo is Ft. Worth's Convention Center.

Their daughter Becky and friend Ron come for Happy Hour and she takes over the kitchen.  She makes cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱos, wrapped in bacon. 


For dinner her entree is pecan encrusted chicken breasts.  The entire evening is so delightful, and we have so much fun no one takes the time to shoot a photo.

Willie's Tug is calling us to Seattle, so the next morning we get an early start on the day's drive.

We don't work very hard on the lighting for the inside photos, but I definitely know who these people are.

Find Willie and Pearl....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, May 18 2017

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