Monday, August 24, 2015

Safe Haven for Many at Baranof Warm Springs -- 7/23/2015

It is so pleasant to slowly wake to feel the gentle rocking of the boat as the wind increases over night.  Being tied to the floating dock at Baranof Warm Springs allows the movement, much like being anchored out.  I recall getting up during the night for a safety check and seeing a fishing boat rafted to Tarka in front of us.   I am happy it is a small one.  

Arising at daybreak, we see she is still here, and note she is about the size of our first Willie’s Tug, which was a Ranger Tug 21.  There are so many similarities, but she is much more colorful and outfitted with a stern wheel for piloting while fishing.   So cute!  

Memories of a few years ago flood in.

The weather comes in as well.

Winds are variable, it rains, and we rock gently on ever changing seas, which are mostly less than one foot.  This is a day to stay inside and read.  The marine forecast says we can go Friday, tomorrow, or better would be Saturday with no rain and winds down to ten knots.

Rain on Window

A few more boats come in....






Moon Song

And one leaves -- maybe just a short distance to set a crab trap.

The young man on the small colorful fishing boat secures the lines when the winds increase, and it appears he is quite knowledgeable and skilled.  His parents are in the cabin.

Earl suggests Herb baste the salmon with pesto for a different flavor on tonight's dinner.   Looks interesting.  Tastes good.

There must be some crumbs of doggie treats on the dock by Willie's Tug, or could it be this Golden Retriever seems to know we have more cookies -- and especially hugs!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, July 23, 2015

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