Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Can't Believe my Luck at Baranof Warm Springs AK -- 7/22/2015

A strange noise wakes us at 2AM and Herb investigates to find the bow of a 90 foot fishing boat out the port side window, and backing up.  We fear she may have come in hoping to raft to us and the boats in front and behind.  Crew were already on the dock dragging a garden hose that stretches the entire length of the docks and carries water from the lake above that also feeds the waterfall.  They tie to the helipad, which is scary, because if they had pulled it loose, they would have pivoted into all the boats starboard tied.  However, thankfully, they knew to also bring lines across to the main dock to secure. 

After filling her water tank, the fishing vessel cruises back out into the channel.

It is interesting that this garden hose runs constantly, being gravity fed from the mountain top lake.  Sometimes we see it draped across the bull rail, emptying into the bay, and sometimes lying on the dock with its water flowing freely.

Northern Mist, Ketchikan AK, comes in to anchor at 6A and dinghies the fluffy dog to shore at the helipad.  They have to walk a great distance to find grass for her.   Lemolo anchors nearby and leaves plenty of room for others.

During the morning we are greeted by a local lady, Melinda, who invites us to have coffee with her in the house with the red door.  We take advantage of the boardwalk in front of her house for a bit of intermittent Internet, then continue for exercise up the hill as far as the wet, slippery area where there is a gap in the boardwalk.  No, not gonna go farther; I'm not that adventurous today! 

Nature's beauty is all around, here giving us a tiny waterfall that is just a trickle, as it follows its narrow rocky path lined with spring green shades of moss and eroding the earth to reveal roots. 

Herb and Laptop by Blue Awning

Some adventurous person walks to the base of the falls.  It looks a bit slippery to me.

Find Willie's Tug....

M/V Spellbound


There is never a dull moment on the dock, always someone to visit with, and planes coming and going. Northwind comes in to fill her water tank with the chilly crystal clear continuously flowing water, and Herb then uses the hose to rinse the salt off Willie's Tug.

The skipper on Allegra makes wooden masks and displays several in his window.

Toroa, a 68 Nordhaven pleasure craft from George Town, Cayman Islands, cruises into the bay, sees a place at the dock and glides in to the space across from us.  I and many others come out to catch their lines and assist in tying up.  We meet Ally, from Vera Cruz, wife of the Captain, who tells us she is also the cook.  When we ask where she is from, she tells us the Gulf of Mexico -- so are we -- but a great distance apart.   Also on board are folks from Holland and the owner and wife from Argentina.

We meet Earl from Anacortes on Hey You, and he gives me some salmon fillets.  He also offers some to David and Stephanie, who refuse because they do not eat salmon.   

Blake, a deck hand on the troller fishing boat Ocean Beauty, walks past Willie’s Tug, and comments, “Nice boat.”    

Later I walk down the dock to visit with him and meet the others aboard, who are ‘Whiskey’ Steve and Mark.   I especially like their boat because they catch fish!   Owner Steve signals Blake to get a Coho and fillet it for me.  Wow!  

When he hands me the Ziploc, I note it is very heavy.  Thank you, thank you!  We will enjoy and think of you for weeks.

I can't believe my luck in 'catching' salmon today!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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