Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If it's May, its PNW Bound

This year the red one isn't loaded so heavily, as we have Willie's Tug to store lotsa stuff! 

Jake always sits where he can be sure he knows when a vehicle leaves, so he can hop aboard.  He did an amazing leap when we told him it was time to go.  

A good start to the trip; however, there was no room at the pet-friendly hotel, so Walmart RV Park it is.  We slept well.

With mild weather, we took advantage of the wonderful wide open spaces and friendly RV parks -- real ones with electrical hookups --

-- and enjoyed many sunsets.

Beautiful scenery soon becomes snow scenery, and we Southerners just say "Awwww."

Idaho is one of our favorite states for travel and visiting friends, and this was reinforced when the boat inspectors gave us a 'thumbs up' on the cleanliness of Willie's Tug.

Nearing our destination, we bring Willie's Tug to the Ranger Tug Factory for an early morning visit.

Ah, the sun shines bright over the Factory building........

Find Willie's Tug.........

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake


  1. Sorry we missed seeing you all. I found out the day we pulled Salty out that you guys were on K dock and we were headed home. Salty is safely tucked away at EQ for the summer. Thought you guys might attend the FH C Brat was our first and we enjoyed it very much. We plan to return in September for the fall cruising. Enjoy your summer! Julie

    1. We really wanted to go to Friday Harbor to see everyone, but time got away and we were still settling in. I heard it was a wonderful time.

  2. Sorry we missed you at Cap Sante. We were there to attend the C Brat gathering at Friday Harbor. We found out you guys had arrived and were at K dock the day we left... Salty is safely stored at EQ for the summer. We will return in September for another week in the PNW. You all have a fantastic summer!

    1. We will still be in the area in September -- here and there -- maybe we will connect this time!