Friday, May 25, 2012

First Cruise from Anacortes

Planning to attend the Fishermen's Mini-Cruise organized by Bob and Nita, we head out a couple of days early to tour Blake Island and visit friends.  It is a nice day for a trip.

Bob takes Nellie Too, and Nita drives their car down to Shilshole.

Water is smooth.  We go inside through Swinomish Channel at medium high tide, an uneventful feat today.

This year we find a better solution for Jake's comfort, rather than putting the picnic tablecloth on the Vee berth. 

We hang the privacy canvas curtain over the doorway, and he knows it is off limits.

He settles in nicely on his bed.

The winds increase and we experience a lumpy, bumpy ride for a time.  A couple of times I know we hit bottom!  Puget Sound is alive today.

Willie's Tug and Nellie Too just cruise along, but we decide it would make too long a day to go to Blake, so we head on to Shilshole Marina at Seattle.
We get a light rain from time to time, and are glad for the windshield wipers!

Bob Alone on Nellie Too

Are we glad to arrive?  It has been a fun trip, in spite of the weather.  We had only one be-still-my-heart moment when we saw Nellie Too dead in the water.  Bob doesn't answer the radio for a moment, as he has left the helm to take a picture of us.  So glad you are OK, Bob!

Find Willie's Tug.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake


  1. Great shot, that last one - Willie's Tug really stands out, making the rest of the marina look like black & white! Have fun in Seattle.

    Best wishes,
    Jim & Joan

    1. Yeah...........Willie's Tug has such an ego!

  2. Waving from not so far away!!! Hoping to see you guys soon!!!


    1. Hi Gail, it is getting exciting now to know how close and how soon!!!

  3. I agree - the last photo - W's tug is like sunshine at the marina. Looking forward to seeing you soon? Missed you at Friday Harbor.

    Tanya Denver

    1. We were so sorry to miss it, and really thank you for your invitation. Time squeezed us a bit too much, as we were just arriving. But we'll be around, so I'm sure we will see you soon!