Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days 35 and 36 - Kent and Anacortes WA - Monday and Tuesday, August 2 and 3, 2010

We are pleased to learn that Pat is a fellow Ham Radio Operator, and every morning he checks into the Two Meter Net.  This morning before we leave, Herb gets his turn at visiting with the group.

A surprise to us is Pat's offer/insistence to take his C-Dory 16 for us to spend some time on the water, as it did not work out for Willie's Tug to come along on the trip.  

Still not believing my eyes, I see the Crabby Lou (their crabbing boat) hooked up to my Jeep and we start down the mountain, saying 'so long' to Pat, Patty and Baxter.

We drive to Bothell WA to the home of Bob and Nita Oslund, where we get a tour of their 29 -- the ultimate Ranger Tug!  Nice wine cellar!

A quick tour of their home shows us plum, pear and apple trees, as well as flower beds filled with -- yes, flowers -- and squash, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs.  Nita shares with us!

Next stop is the Ranger Tug factory in Kent WA, where we meet Jeff and Andrew and get a tour of boats in various stages of being built.  An amazing operation!  They are working on hull #19 for the 27 and we are told that at this plant they produce about 25 a year.  There is a waiting list, possibly until Spring of 2011.

Bob suggests lunch at Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, a neighboring town.  It is a tough choice from the menu which includes salmon prepared many different ways, but Herb and I select the Coho salmon sandwich on focaccia bread, washed down with Long Hammer IPA beer that is recommended.  Half a sandwich is all we can eat.
    As we prepare to head back to Anacortes,  Nita cuts for me a bouquet of pink and white stock, which is very, very fragrant.  Later I search the motor home for something to serve as a vase, and find a 32 oz. Stripes drink cup.  Herb is horrified, but I think it is most appropriate (if there is no real vase) because Stripes is my very favorite fast food service station in the Rio Grande Valley.

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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