Saturday, October 11, 2014

Surprise! -- 10/3/2014

Morning comes and with it are the two guys to take Willie's Tug out of the water for the Winter.  To my surprise, Herb and I are allowed to remain in the boat during the maneuver.  One driver backs his ceruleon blue trailer down the ramp into the water, while the other drives Willie's Tug onto it.  I think I sense Herb saying, "Don't hurt my  boat, please."

I should be driving!

Driver of the transport vehicle concentrates hard on which way he should direct the man at the helm.  A little more this way, now a little to port.

We make progress now and I look back to see how far up the ramp we have come.

We made it.  Willie's Tug is high and uh, not so dry!

She gets a pressure wash to remove all the stuff that grew while in salt water.

Wash Down

Now squeaky clean, she is hauled to North Harbor Diesel storage yard, where Sweet Caroline is. 

Ray takes Herb to get his truck from the parking lot near Cap Sante Marina, and we are ready to make the transition from boat living to motor home living and gaining 11 more feet of space than we had all Summer.  

                                     Photo Courtesy of Ray Perry

Surprise!  Surprise!  Upon his return, Herb says, "Guess what I found on the windshield of the truck!"  

Surprised, I read this note, "You can run slash cruise, but you can't hide!  Yet never hurts to know how! "
                                                        Signed: Bob and Dil.  

We laugh out loud as we think of them fondly. 

No, we can't hide....and never would we hide from you two!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, October 3, 2014


  1. We have absolutely loved your posts and wish you safe travels. Looking forward to seeing you next cruising season, and if you don't come to Port Townsend, we will have to hurt you! Cindy and Gerry (Celtic Sun)

    1. We surely meant to at go there to provision on the way to Hood Canal. Remind me of which marina you suggest. Have a great Winter!

  2. You must stay at Point Wilson, if you want to walk to our beautiful Historic Downtown. BTW the whole town is on the National Historic Registry. Provisioning would be a slight disadvantage at Point Wilson but it is worth the stay. Boat Haven where PTYC has a reciprical is part commercial and part recreational, provisioning would be a semi short walk to Safeway and West Marine is near as is our yacht club.

  3. We just may have to stay both places to do everything. It sounds worth spending the time. You make me want to turn around and go back. We made it to Northeast Texas tonight to check on some properties, then in a few days, south to the Rio Grande Valley. It's strange not being on the boat. I keep wanting to say "Willie's Tug."