Saturday, September 6, 2014

Drivers, start your engines! -- 9/5/2014

Day Two of the Ranger Rendezvous!

Day ??? of Work Day for Herb!

Finding and fixing minor problems on Willie's Tug.

Herb in the Cave

Ronnie in the Cave

Shannon of Yacht Bedding


I help Herb empty out what we call the cave, or mid berth, which holds our provisions and supplies for the five months we spend away from Texas.  The good thing is Roche Harbor has wide docks, but quite a bit of stuff goes on the master berth -- including the cushion from the cave.

Don't try this at home!

Herb spends all day working, and working with various people to fix what ails Willie's Tug.  When he doesn't need me, I walk about....

So sorry about you, Herb, I have to go on a Poker Run,  buy crafts at the Artisans' Fair and GetStorganized brackets,  watch the competitive games, and shop on the hill.

Artisan's Fair

A new event for me to see is the Blindfold dinghy race, where the 'pilot' wears a blindfold and the partner directs him or her on which direction to turn.  Jeff says, "Hey, you can see thru that, go get your tie dye bandanna."

Keith's Temporary Blindfold

Jeff announces there will be counseling (on the new R-29) after the race for any losers, and alludes to the amount sympathy he will give.  (Knowing laughter is heard.)  However, the marriage counseling will be given by Andrew, who has a lot of experience.

William gets last minute encouragement and instruction from Mom, Beth.

Beth and William

With all dinghy contestants present, rowers are blindfolded and gather at the staring line.  Ooops, Jeff calls out to one dinghy that the blindfold goes on the rower, not the dog!  Laughter again.

Ready, Set, Go!

Off they go.  Because the R-21 expects to move faster with its several rowers, she starts behind the line.

Object is to go on either side of the barge, make the turn and return to the starting point.  One competitor comments that the barge drifted as they rowed along side in the same direction. How funny -- so they just rowed harder!

The Barge

Matt and Heather

 Look Mom, no hands!

I lose track of who is winning -- one boat even goes backward for a time.  Joan and Keith cruise up to the barge.  Are they the winners?

I continue my Poker Run and walk to the marina office. When I ask for a card, Robin says they want me to say a poem, dance or sing.  Before I regress to "Jack and Jill went up the hill," I make a deal to take their photo.  They love it!  There are four of them, but I get only one poker card.

As I stroll back to the guest dock, I admire the nice cleats on their dock.

From a walk to the swimming pool, I find Willie's Tug ....

At 5P Margarita Bob and helpers stir up pitcher after pitcher of refreshing Margaritas.  The serving line is very long.

Winners of today's games are announced while we sip. This is hilarious and I get lost in who and what -- even the losers win a prize.  Ed and Jeannie's was called the Booby Prize.  Fun, fun.

Time for the Poker Hands to show and I ask Herb for mine, which he has in his pocket.  "I don't have them; I thought you did."  "No, I gave them to you to hold."  "OK, I must have left them in the boat."

So I go back to the boat to search.  On my return I hear Jeff calling on the loud speaker, "Willie, Herb had the cards in his pocket."   I reply, "I knew that!"

Herb's response, "They were deeper in my pocket."  I am pleased to learn Herb has deep pockets.

Now comes the moment we all have been waiting for: the newly designed R-29, with features from the Cutwater.  Jeff comments that she brings John's family, which shows the confidence he has in Hull #1.

She approaches at no-wake speed, and slowly spins around to show all sides.  

During the BBQ dinner hosted by Volvo Penta, we enjoy a visit with friends and hear of more game winners.  The Corn Hole Tournament winners get their names added to the familiar seat.

Diana and Fred

Beth and Mark

Oh, and by the way, Herb and I got all the stuff put back in the cave and off our bed before bedtime.  I hope we will sleep well....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, September 5, 20014

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