Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dancing under the Stars -- 9/6/2014

Day Three of the Ranger Rendezvous!

...and it is Saturday!!

I have an early visit from Ryan of Yacht Bedding.Com, while Shannon is measuring to make a pattern for the new R-29.  Heads up -- bedding for all size boats.  

I do another walk around to visit shops I saw yesterday on the Poker Run and delight to see friends at lunch at the Lime Kiln Cafe.

JoAnn arrives!

A tradition is the group photo and I overhear someone say it takes 45 minutes to stage -- group the people,  then ungroup and reposition so as to get all the boats shown.  Great job, camera men.

It takes three seconds for all to scatter, so this is my 'After the Group Photo' photo.

Roche Harbor Marina serves wine and cheese at Shipwreck Beach near the tennis courts and pool, and we are invited to walk around, dinghy over, or go on their barge transporter. Ray, Herb and I choose to leave the driving to the barge pilot.

There are tables under the tent, but many choose the scenic area under the madrona trees near the beach.

Only a few crackers are left from the cheese, fruit and nuts spread, so I would say this is a delicious hit.

JoAnn says she sees photos of other people, but not many of me, so suggests we do a 'selfie.'  I've never done one, so she shows me how.  We manage to get our faces in the third attempt.

Jeff thanks everyone for coming to the Ranger Rendezvous at Roche this year and tells us there are 127 boats and 307 people attending.  He gives a report on the fishing derby held yesterday, and holds up one of the fish caught.  The catch was not what the fishermen desired, the largest one weighed in at 4 lb., but they were thrilled to see whales on the west side of San Juan Island.

And the winner is....

Hearing of the large number of people for dinner, many start forming the line before the burgers and brats arrive.  Smart.

The last event of the week end is a 70's Party, complete with Mobile DJ Simon from Gig Harbor.  The theme is 'Dancing Under the Stars' with a disco ball, peace symbols and flowers.  Takes you back, eh?  The party tent is beautifully decorated with silver shimmering streamers, as well.

Unlike live music whose performers need to take a break now and then, this music is non-stop and most people dance non-stop, either by themselves, with another, or with a group.  We also do a variation on the Bunny Hop -- well, several Bunny Hop lines develop.

There is much laughter during the evening, and one hilarious antic is Keith using a water bottle as a spray gun.  I don't know if he created it, or simply took advantage of one springing a leak.  

Several people become wet as a result, including Sara.  I hear a rumor that he ends up being the wettest one.  I think some guys team up on him.

Can you name this man?

Stars in the Ceiling


Right Now!

I think I know this guy....

Someone's sequinned shirt.... 

It is a crazy night, and this could be the reason!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, September 6, 2014