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Over the River and Through the Woods -- 11/19 - 11/23, 2013

It's vacation time again, and we go over the river and through the woods to Texas -- with two of our great-grandchildren, MaKayla and MeKenzie.  Two 'friendly' children can fit in the front passenger's seat of the motor home.

They assure Herb and me that they are ready to help with whatever we need -- "...just don't hesitate to ask!"

Our first stop is a grocery store, where MaKayla demonstrates her shopping skills for choosing nutritious food at the best price.  I should have her as my personal shopper.  I learn they like salad at every meal.

Not far down the highway we find accommodations at Colfax RV Marina and Resort, which is across the Red River from Boudreaux Lake.  We plan to spend a couple of days exploring and playing.

Home is where you park it.

These young ladies are tired and ready for a nice, hot shower.  They load their bath totes with toiletries and head across the campus.   I make sure they have plenty of shampoo.

When we pull out the sofa bed for the night's sleep, we can't find the pump to inflate the mattress, so Herb confirms that his lungs are in good shape and makes a comfy bed for the girls.

On our second day at the RV Resort we explore the marina area and tell the girls stories of our boating.  

Jake tries to impress some neighbor dogs with his talents and tricks, and the girls get hugs from them.

Besides being a fun trip, it is also educational.  MaKayla and MeKenzie show us a historical marker telling of a Civil War battle that took place near here in the year 1864.

As we near the boat ramp we see a fisherman getting ready to launch his boat into Red River.  We visit a bit with him and he puts on a show for us, demonstrating just how fast his boat can go!  

He also tells us about the alligator that lives behind the barge on the opposite shore.  Then he is off for his catch of the day.

As we make our way back to the motor home, Jake decides to quench his thirst and finds it much easier to drink while sitting in the water.  Next he has to shake off some water, then dry himself by rolling in the grass.

Bath Time

Our destination in Texas is Avinger, where we lived for many years and had a blueberry farm.  

Traveling through the countryside, we read the highway signs, which leads into a geography discussion and a game Herb creates.  Using maps I have on board, they learn the difference between states, cities and towns, and also some nicknames of cities.  At the Texas-Louisiana Welcome Center near the state line, we get more maps and brochures to enhance the game.

Our word game involves learning a new word each day, and we all take turns using the word in a sentence.  A children's TV program suggested the word, plethora, for yesterday and we review it today.  MeKenzie makes a sentence that causes us to laugh and laugh until we think we will never stop!  Ask her....

The First State Bank is the first building we see upon our arrival in Avinger, and I give a short lesson on economics, using the new word, reciprocity.

A couple of blocks down the street is our home for the night on the site of our billboard we call Avinger #2.  The advertisement for Don Juan's Mexican food tells us the perfect restaurant for dinner tonight.

I'm trying to share.

American food, also!

Upon our return, we find Dr. Jake on top the girl's bed!  He has never done this before; perhaps because he could not jump very high.  This one was easy.

He is allowed to stay a few minutes, but soon it is bedtime for all.

Little Angels

We are blessed....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday - Friday, November 19 - 23, 2013

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