Friday, January 3, 2014

Cowboy Wedding or We Didn't Lose a Daughter; We Gained a Son-in-law and a Horse Named "Stay Stik!" -- 11/16/2013

If I were to do a Review of the Year 2013, I would call our daughter's wedding the Event of the Year.  We were very happy during the summer to learn of Vicki's engagement to Joey, someone she has actually known most of her life.  And very excited to learn that the ceremony will have a Cowboy theme, and the venue is her lawn.

We have fun shopping for the chosen Wrangler attire, but are overwhelmed when we arrive and see the incredible decorations being created.  What talent!

Vicki with Laura and Warrick, Warrick Bergroth Natural Horsemanship

Saturday, the day of the wedding is very busy with setting up and getting everything is place.  My camera works overtime.

The Supervision

Herb and MeKenzie

Vicki and son, Buddy

The Work

Joey:  "Now is this where she wants the lights?"

Bringing in the seating

Warrick, the Best Man

Vicki spreads canvas topping.

The Lodging

We moved across the street for the weekend, as our site in Vicki's driveway became part of the wedding scene. 

Home is where you park it.

Our Great Grandchildren

Brody Powell

MeKenzie Patterson and Lindsey Ann Powell with doggie Pearl

MaKayla, MeKenzie and Lindsey Ann

Brody sporting his boutonniere

Other Family and Friends

Roxie, Stephanie and Ed Woodward, Willie

Laura and Warrick Bergroth

Vance, Herb and Caleb Stark with MeKenzie

Roxie, Stephanie and Ed

The Wedding Party

And a Howdy to You, Ma'am!

Brody, where did you get those flowers?

"We are Fam-i-ly"

The author's choice in Belt Buckle contest - Angola

The Vows

At one point in this most solemn ceremony, the officiant 'Brother James' asked the expected question to the effect that anyone who knows a reason why this marriage should not take place, should speak now.  During the silence that followed, Stay Stik, the young stallion, neighed.  The preacher laughed and pointed to Stik, and a wedding guest commented that Stik was saying "Amen!" to the union!

The service continued.

Stay Stik

Vicki and Joey

The Reception

Buffet, and there's gumbo, too!

Joey and Vicki Wells

Groom's Chocolate Horseshoe

Willie of Willie's Tug,
    and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, November 16, 2013


  1. Very, very nice! And Wilma, you are too young to be a Great Grandma... Oh, wait......

  2. It was fun reliving it, thanks for the 'consult,' miss and love you and The Aussie!