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Christmas Comes Early Today! -- 12/25/2013

There is nothing like spending Christmas with family, and this year it is at the home of Vicki and Joey.  On Christmas Eve we all go to sleep after putting the plate of lime frosted cookies and glass of milk by the Christmas tree for Santa.  Since there is no chimney for Santa to slide down, MeKenzie ties a key with festive red and gold ribbon and hangs it for him to open the front door.

With visions of sugar plums still dancing in our heads, Herb and I are awakened VERY early on Christmas morning by a phone call from Vicki telling us that Santa has come and we should come see what he brought!

I am so proud of MaKayla and MeKenzie, who do well in school and are very interested in learning. Some of the things they asked Santa for were a desk and school supplies.  Santa must have towed a U-Haul behind his sleigh, because he brought what they needed.

Oh, and they got girl stuff, too.  Lots of jewelry to make pretty little ladies happy!

....and purses to carry all the important things they must have with them at all times.  Actually, sometimes they need them just to complete their fashion.

A cup or two of coffee helps to wake up those watching the excitement, because they know who will need to assemble the furniture.

MeKenzie is happy to see that Santa cleaned his plate of cookies.  Now he has energy enough to get to the next child's house.

With euphoria experienced by all, it is time to go to work!  Vicki starts with a chair, but it is not obvious how to put it together.  Directions help!

Herb and Joey tackle a desk.

Did I mention there are many more gifts?  A "Hello Kitty" poster goes on the wall.  I am told it is popular with the younger set, but then I don't get out much!

Success!  Let's see, how many hours did it take?  We are not sure, but it was all fun, breakfast happens at some point, and the girls arrange the separate areas of their room for a very tidy and colorful look.  Pinks, blues, reds, greens, oranges, purples, even grays and blacks.  How cheery!


(Map on wall shows states they have visited.)

After we admire their room, we travel to Joey's sister Tammy and Jessie's home for a family lunch.  Herb and I get to meet many new faces, and by the end of the afternoon, we can name each one.

Joey's Mom, Betty (center)

Heather and Seth

To help burn all the calories consumed, Jessie brings out the dominoes.  Guess who the winner of all the games is!!!  The score sheet shows it is Vicki.  Now, note that she uses the instruction sheet to prove she is the winner.

Josey joins the children in their highly competitive game.

In late afternoon we say our goodbyes and return home for a BIG assembly -- the trampoline!  I predict much energy will be expended by the children once it is finished.  Much energy was used to set it up.

With chores all done, we grab our Chicken Foot and Jokers & Marbles games, and settle in to an evening of fun.  We introduce Chicken Foot first, as the dominoes earlier in the day remind us how much fun it is.  

Will Vicki be the big winner again?  She considers a strategic move -- "I could play on this tile....

.....or would it be better on this one???"

The girls get interested when they hear us laugh so much, and now we teach them how to play.  In the photo below I instruct MeKenzie; Dakota has not turned her tiles away from prying eyes and also is about to lose her snack plate off the corner of the table. 

All the girls catch on really fast, and if we were to have a match between them and the adults, I am afraid they would come out on top!

The end to a perfect day is pizza -- pepperoni -- and lots of it!  A friend, Chesnee, joins us for this gourmet meal.

MaKayla, Chesnee, Dakota, MeKenzie

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, December 25, 2013


  1. Oh yes Hello Kitty is very popular with our two granddaughter 14 and 12. And Chicken Foot, we love that game and have played it many times on our Port Townsend Yacht Club Cruises. We call it Mexican train, but basically it is the same game.
    Cheers, Cindy (Celtic Sun)

    1. Our Jokers and Marbles game was given to us by a fellow motor home travel club member years ago. At the time it was not longer sold and he made it in his woodworking shop. It is a little like Parchesi, and Joey plans to make them a set. They liked Chicken Foot best.