Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bhy Kracke, We Found the Park! -- Thursday, February 2, 2017

Another sunny day with only a few wispy clouds greets Herb and me as we anticipate our walk today to Bhy Kracke Park, up the hill from our temporary 'home' on Lake Union.   Roger, a PNW friend,  sees photos of the walk we took up the set of stairs to cross Westlake Ave and Hwy. 99, and tells us about a park we would enjoy visiting if we would go just a bit farther up the hill.

When Herb hears the name of the park, he replies, "by cracky, I think we'll go there!"

So we are eager to see new sights and I dress for the cool temperatures Seattle gives me this morning, especially as I go way far up the 'mountain,' where it may be windy.  I can't choose between my warm hat that won't keep my ears covered, and the not so warm cap that ties under my chin, so I wear both!  I will shop for a 'proper' cap before coming back next Winter.

So up we go again, high above Lake Union.

And then past some very pretty residences and more sets of stairs.

And now another level up, as we look back on the street we just crossed.

Then the streets end, the homes are seen no more, and we find a sidewalk leading us through a lush green winter-time forest.

By cracky, I think we have arrived! We are at 1215 5th Avenue North, in Queen Anne neighborhood, which is on the highest hill in Seattle.   I look over the concrete rail to see the skyline of downtown Seattle, with the Space Needle near the right of the photo.

In Herb's panoramic shots of the area, we see from Lake Union to just north of the Space Needle.  Oh, to be a bird and see these awesome views as I glide wherever I want to go.

Sitting on one of the park benches to enjoy the view that includes the sky of many shades of blue, and taking a sip of water, we wonder how the park got its name.  Our first surprise is to learn that Kracke is pronounced 'crack.'  

Google tells me that Werner H. "Bhy" (nickname) Kracke lived for years on the park's upper-most level, but died in 1971 before fulfilling his promise to donate the site for a city park and $20,000 for its development.

Landscape architect Roy Leher created the unique design for the park, which features a steep, winding trail linking the lower level containing the playground, to the middle and upper levels, whose winding paths provide surprise vistas to the Cacsades, Lake Union and Downtown Seattle.

What we see today is a circular area with children's playground equipment, but no children.  Perhaps they are in school.

Find Willie's warm scarf and gloves....

                                                                            Bhy Kracke Park
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, February 2, 2017


  1. Hi Wilma - Seattle is a beautiful city! Next time you are there, consider one of Kenmore Air's scenic tours: it will put you up there with the birds! A treat to go up in the seaplane! Hugs to you both.


    1. Great idea! I think it was two years ago Herb suggested we take the tour for my birthday, but I think I went to the mall instead -- LOL. Our closest encounter with one of the planes was when we anchored in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island.