Monday, July 13, 2015

Waterfalls and Baker Inlet-- 6/25/2015

Our destination for today is Baker Inlet in Grenville Channel and with smiles on our faces, we cruise away from Hartley Bay at 6:30A – a very pleasant stay.  

 Nudibranch leads out and as we watch her wake, we see something popping up on her starboard side.  Hmmm…curious…it has to be a big fish to make the two foot splash.  Then something splashes on the port side of her wake.  Herb calls Ray and learns he has the company of several Pacific dolphins that are painted like orcas and has made a video to show us later. 

Traveling south and on the west side of Promise Island, we turn to the starboard through Wright Sound and into Grenville Channel.   We have fog all around, light rain and a warm 60 degrees. A huge tree floats nearby.

Farrant Island is followed by Pitt Island to the west; the mainland of BC is to the east. Water is flat calm and dimpled by the rain.
We listen to Prince Rupert Marine and WX forecast, loving the British accent.  We say ‘sowth’ and they say ‘soo th’ as in sew or so.

Near Lowe Inlet a seaplane flies overhead down the channel about 100 feet or less above Willie’s Tug.  Herb sees it coming and with visibility about a quarter of a mile, he hopes it sees his nav lights through the fog.  Wow!  That is a scary surprise!

Wind waves are less than one foot with wind from the southeast.   We are beginning to see more waterfalls.

Yikes – the seaplane flies back from its drop – maybe Hartley Bay – and I take a quick photo, but it is blurry through the rain spattered windshield, and the rain prevents my opening the window.

Low lying clouds float into the valleys. At Kxngeal Inlet the sun pokes through the darkened clouds overhead for a brief time.  We are still surrounded by fog.

More and more waterfalls!   

Nudibranch nears the entrance to Baker Inlet, and we follow, using our windsheild wipers occasionally.

The vegetation is equally as beautiful as the waterfalls.

I love the cloud formations and the images I see, as well as the mountains that give me a baby bear's wink.

 Lush green....

Arriving at Baker Inlet, we anchor at a 53 ft depth and put out 200 feet of rode.

Nudibranch Anchors across the Inlet

To comply with Customs Rules, we consume all food that is not allowed to pass from British Columbia into Alaska, USA, and Herb makes quiche.  Ray brings almond biscotti -- no restriction!

Mi Casa es su Casa
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, June 25, 2015

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