Monday, July 6, 2015

Crabs and a Bottleneck -- 6/23/2015

In Troup Narrows we have a cool 58 degrees F this morning under mostly cloudy skies, and find the first mosquitoes on this trip.  Herb's trap brings in two more crabs and we steam them, thinking we may be taking off before they are cooked.  This is a pleasant stay – and always is when you catch fish.  The Torqueedo works this morning; it must have been a loose connection that shut it down yesterday.  We weigh anchor at 8:45A, with a destination of Bottleneck Inlet.

Cruising out, we say so long to our neighbors anchoring nearby.


As we go into Seaforth Channel, the sun peeks through openings in the scattered clouds to begin drying them.  The water is flat calm.  The WX forecast is for the southeast winds to pick up in late morning, so we move the speed up to 14 knots from 6.7 to get into Milbank Channel and around the Dowager Island and Lady Douglas islands, which will be exposed.

Ocean Dancer, a commercial fishing vessel with outriggers deployed is ahead of us.  She is 17 meters by 5 meters, traveling 8 knots and either dragging nets or a long line.

We are really ‘outside’ now, as our port side has a view of the Pacific Ocean and we are now getting the ocean swells.

Pacific Ocean

Ahead is a beacon on South Island, and I see waves crash against a rock marked by a red marker named E-54, which flashes its red light every four seconds. 

An interesting sight to investigate and steer clear of is a log stuck in the mud near our port shore. 

We go east of Price and Swindle Islands, and reduce speed near Cone Island to wait for Nudibranch to catch up, as we are near the turn into Bottleneck Inlet.  Our deepest depth to cruise in on this trip is at this point – 1949 feet!  

Cone Island

Tree Trash

Traveling very slowly into the Inlet gives us time to enjoy the beauty of the area, including a waterfall.

We arrive to Bottleneck Inlet on Roderick Island and set the anchor at 1:24P in 18 feet of water.  Only one other power boat is here, and soon two sailboats arrive.

I love the different trees on the hills surrounding our hide-away – evergreens, deciduous, forest green, sea green and spring green.  So beautiful!  The ravens chatter away up in the tree tops for about 15 minutes, then seem to settle their differences.  Or could it be they decide we are not a threat to their environment.

We take the crab trap back out toward the Bottleneck opening to try our crabbing luck.  After Ray sets out his trap, he explores the small the river and sits to watch an eagle fly down and along the stream of water.

Venturing this far north reminds us of the bear population, and from time to time we scan the shoreline hoping to see one! 

It is another good day on the water and all is peaceful. 

But we do not see a bear!

Entrance to Bottleneck Inlet
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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