Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Flying and Adrenalin -- 11/1/2014 Part Two

Pearland TX is home to Tom Bass Regional Park I, a spacious pasture located across a park drive from Tom Bass Regional Park III, which has jogging paths, BBQ pavilions, and a lake for fishing.  So with an appetite for more drone flying, our group heads there after watching the Wings Over Houston air show at Ellington Field.  

Fortunately for Herb and me, there is a back gate from our Advanced RV Park, so we simply walk to the open field.

Neel begins first and is happy the winds are not as strong here as they were at Ellington Field.  The copter appears as a small white dot above and to the right of Neel's head.

I love to see the copter fly toward the tree tops, then move safely away.

These closeups show the whirring of the rotor blades and the camera underneath pointing straight ahead.

Neel demonstrates using the controls as they watch where the drone goes.  It now points to the right, evidenced by the red light.

Herb gets a turn at flying.

Herb has put on the goggles, which allow him to see what the drone sees.  His turn comes to an end as he lowers the copter and Neel graciously offers to land it.

Safe!  No broken props!

Ed tries on the goggles, but prefers to fly by line of sight.  Stephanie explains how it works to Marcus.

Now moving a bit to the right, then back to the left.  What fun!

Marcus shows his skill -- Stephanie watches through the goggles, and Herb sees the action in the monitor.   Roxie is seen below filming all of them with her camera.

Coming down for a safe landing.

(Later we all go to dinner together for a nice finish to the evening.  Herb and I ride with some of the others, since we had walked out the back gate of the RV Park, leaving the truck and Jake at the motor home.   Driving back we realize we will not make the 8P gate locking and our pass key for after hours is IN THE TRUCK!  BEHIND THE LOCKED GATE!

The only person we know inside the park is Dr. Jake, but he has no cell phone, nor can he open the motor home door to come open the gate for us.  

We arrive to the outside of the park gate -- which is closed -- and quickly think about what to do next.  

Oh, the adrenalin!

There is a great ending to this story -- we get inside -- there is an emergency number to the office, which is closed.

In the future....

Roxie Monitors
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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