Monday, December 29, 2014

About Town -- 12/17/2014

We will call this our Christmas visit to Pearland.  As we leave in the motor home heading for Houston, Herb says, "We are on vacation."  


Miraculously on a moment's notice, Kathy at Advanced RV Park has space for us for several days, so we are set. 

We meet our family for dinner at Center Court Pizza and Brew in Pearland.

With much to see in downtown Houston, we do a bit of exploring, utilizing the Red Line of the Park N Ride Metro Rail.  What fun!  Reminds us of our travels in Seattle.

What a delight to see the Market Square Clock Tower, officially named Louis and Annie Friedman Clock Tower, on Travis Street.  There's quite a story about its being lost and found -- details here.

Back to Pearland, we take advantage of the Tom Bass Regional Park adjacent to the RV park for our morning walks.  The jogging trail has several loops and we manage to find our way around to many of them, stepping off about five miles.  What a workout!

Stop, Herb!  I need a photo.

Willie's Tug not Allowed

Some lessons are learned the hard way, as noted in a previous blog post, but we arrive back to the RV park well before 6:30P, since we didn't bring our passkey!

Safely Inside!
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   December 17-21, 2014

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