Monday, November 17, 2014

We Texans - It's all our Fault! -- 10/11/2014

We are up early this morning with Herb thinking of the real reason we are in Longmont CO.  Camping World has the satellite TV receiver he needs for the motor home and we leave the store with our purchase minutes after their doors open.

Now for the work.   I try not to watch as Herb installs it and the roof mount. The DVD player has to come out for access to drill holes in my motor home for running the proper wires.   His skill proves very valuable and much to my relief, all panels are returned to their places and wires are hidden.  No ugly holes! Tonight we will enjoy the fruits of his labor as we watch the local news.

DVD player lives in the compartment above the co-pilot's seat.

The scenery today is very pleasant, going from Metropolitan to rural farmland. The Fall colors of golds and yellows add to the enjoyment.

A fun place to visit is the Welcome Center at the northern border of Kansas, especially if they find out you are from Texas.  The attendant  tells us our destination of Salina KS is pronounced Sa-lie-na, unlike the county name pronounced Sa-lee-na.  


He says it used to be pronounced like the county, but laughingly blames 'you Texas people' that were on the cattle trail, who tried to shorten the name to one syllable.

Only a short distance to go down the hills of Kansas.  We'll be there in sixteen minutes, but can relax, as we don't have to grab life jackets and prepare to put out the fenders.

Texas Cattle Trail
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, October 11, 2014


  1. Okay this is hysterical, Gerry and I are both from Kansas. I am from Topeka, but Gerry is from Salina (we lived there several years after we were married). The visitor center guy is correct. And then there is Arizona (lived there 30 years) where the names of places and landmarks are butchered on a regular basis. Since this was in October, sure you are home safe and sound and enjoying some nice weather. We have had a long stretch of sunny beautiful skies but the rain returns on Wednesday. We will be heading to Bell Harbor with the yacht club on November 30th for our annual Christmas Cruise! Cindy (Celtic Sun)

    1. Yes, we are in Port Isabel in shock at the return! Lots to unpack, still, as I relieved Willie's Tug of half her unnecessary contents. Our recent WX has been rainy and breezy and coolish most days. Today we expect 70s. I know you must be looking forward to the Christmas Cruise. Enjoy!