Monday, December 30, 2013

Did we Take a Wrong Turn? -- 9/30/2013 -- Day 143

We trade the snow capped mountains of Colorado for many different terrains in New Mexico.  Our stay in Albuquerque is during their International Balloon Fiesta, which typically launches as many as 750 hot air balloons during the nine day event.  As we leave this morning, we see them begin their ascent.

Traveling south on I-25, we stop at a Rest Area past Socorro to read the historical markers.  This site notes Paraje de Fra Christobal's stopping place on his 1598 expedition that founded the Camino Real. 

Desert beauty....

We get to enjoy a few more hills before the flatland, where the speed limit will be 80 mph.  

Nearing the border between New Mexico and Mexico, we pass a Border Checkpoint for traffic going north.  They don't worry who we might bring from the Pacific Northwest.

North of Las Cruces we find a Historical Marker for Journada del Muerto, which was the 'route of the dead man,' so named because it was near the last stop going north where they could get water.  At this point, the trail moves farther away from the Rio Grande River.

This is also a good place to walk Dr. Jake, if you can find grass.  If it's green, it's grass?  Unless it is sand burrs. Be careful!

Here we leave New Mexico to enter Texas and begin to follow the river more closely.  Our plan is to stay in El Paso for the night, anticipating two more days to the Tropical Tip.

At the Welcome Center we drink in more of the beauty we will see at the Tropical Tip.

Even closer now to the river, here are views from our starboard window.

This is Mexico

Flag of Mexico

Oh, my, did we take a wrong turn?

Habla Espanol?

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, September 30, 2013

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