Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 120 - Bremerton WA - Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We have a last look at Kingston Marina before starting our cruise on into Bremerton.  Find Willie's Tug.

Jake settles in for the trip, this time on his bed, on his sheet, and with my camera case for a pillow.

As we pass closer now to Seattle, we see another Ranger Tug overtaking us -- Ah!  It is the Laurie Ann, with Laurie Ann waving from the cockpit, and John at the helm.

Then come Randy and Ida on Adventurer.

Randy calls us on Channel 72 to explain about the salmon farm we pass.

We stop at Brownsville for fuel and I think of home and our nearby town of Brownsville TX.

We arrive in Bremerton for the 2011 Ranger Rendezvous and have plenty help docking. 

We see another Fighting Lady Yellow Tug, Karma, and Maureen relaxing in the cockpit.

Today is a work day and prep for the festivities to begin tomorrow.

Tina and Steve of Christina Bee help Herb hang the banner, which features Ranger Tug and Cutwater boats.  

And now for one turned outside for arriving boats to see when they cruise by the breakwater toward the entrance to the marina.  A little stern line helps to secure it.

Box after box after box is unloaded by volunteers to get this show on the road!  Shown in these pix are Kathy and Craig of Salish Rover, Randy and Ida, Nita and Bob, John and Marilee of Red Ranger, and John and Laurie.

An assembly line is set up, and for the next few hours we fill the swag bags with samples and donations from various vendors, information about the Rendezvous, a very colorful and attractive coffee mug featuring the Rendezvous banner, and other items -- you name it -- it is there!

Thanks to those who planned, designed and worked tirelessly.

When today's work is done, we sleep well and dream of fun times tomorrow!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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