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Day 119 - Kingston WA - Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yea!  Yea!

Today's the Day!

For our route today we choose to go 'outside' and through the Strait of Juan de Fuca to get into Puget Sound, rather than 'inside' and down the Swinomish Channel and picturesque town of La Conner.  Low tides are not your friend south of La Conner.

Randy and Ida on Adventurer, along with Bob and Nita on Nellie Too, join us in Guemes Channel as we head out on a long day's journey to Kingston.

It is slightly foggy, but not bad.

Before we go very far, we encounter thicker fog, mostly along the shore of Anacortes and Fidalgo Island.


We hear a boat on our starboard and see C-Renity zipping by pretty fast.  She is more toward Guemes Island and in less fog.

We say Hello and wish them safe travel.

The fog thickens more now and is over the entire Guemes Channel as we look ahead.

We keep a very watchful eye on our surroundings and see Nellie Too in the lead alter course to starboard, as she sees a huge vessel dead in the water across the channel.

This is what we see in our path.

As we make the turn safely around the ship's stern, we see dinghy activity.

We see that the crew is laughing, so we know they have everything under control, and we continue on.

We have radar!  We use radar!

As we make the turn past Burrows Island, we see the lighthouse that will be restored.

Radar alerts us to the objects around us long before we are close enough to get photos.

I am surprised to see a sailboat under sail today in this fog and with ferries on their schedules.

......and in the fog is.........

Oblivious to the outside word, Jake makes himself comfortable.  He manages to move off his bed, off his protective sheet, and onto MY bed!!!

Oh, well, there are laundries at marinas.

I am so excited to cruise by Point No Point.  I love its name!

Although the water temperature is not very warm by my standards, I see swimmers and people enjoying the beach.

Thanks be to God, just as we approach the area where we need to watch for the Kingston - Edmonds ferry, the fog lifts!!!

A majestic sight is Mount Rainier with the ferry in the fog and Randy and Ida's Adventurer in the foreground.  


Mount Rainier, Adventurer, Seattle skyline, and Nellie Too.

Perfect timing -- the ferry moves from Kingston toward Edmonds, and we turn into the Kingston Marina.

We have reservations and with our slip addresses, we easily dock and enjoy the sunshine!

It is soon Happy Hour, and Bob makes a friendly gesture to Ida to welcome her aboard.

Nita explains a few thingss that we need to know about Kingston.  Like where the quilt store is.

But she is cheating!  She is using her new Margaritaville glass before the Margaritaville party.

Randy enjoys a funny story, as Herb looks on.

'Jake-ers,' as he is fondly called by my friend, is not invited next door/boat, so has his treats on his own boat.

Methinks it is getting time for dinner.  

We should walk in search of a restaurant.

At Main Street Ale House the waitress decides that Bob is more capable than she, and gives her note pad to him.

She takes a seat beside Herb.

He explains the menu to her, as we decide on our orders.

Randy's wedge salad looks great.

The last episode of entertainment for the evening comes from the table next to us, and Bob learns a new game.

Willie of Willie' Tug,
    and of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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