Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 20 - Center Island WA - Sunday, May 30, 2011

Oh, I forgot to mention that Saturday we saw 'the eagle lady,' as we fondly called her before we learned her name, Christie, last year.  When we walked Thompson Trail every day with Jake, we would see her walking her dog, and she told us about the nest of eagles in the trees high above the Trail.  So it was quite a thrill to recognize her in the grocery store parking lot and visit for a few minutes.

In the afternoon we ready Willie's Tug for the cruise to Center Island, and listen to the marine forecast.  Winds are expected to pick up during the night, but we will be docked and possibly only experience some rocking.

Along the way we approach the ferry path and see a ferry ahead of us.  We slow and give her plenty of room.  Now as we cross the path, we are continually on the lookout for more ferries from either direction -- Anacortes to Lopez Island, Friday Harbor or more.

The holiday weekend brings much boat traffic to the water, and we get a few exciting wakes, but no problems.  

Upon arriving at Center Island, we are greeted by Jeff Messmer, who helps us tie up to this dock.

Knowing the waves we may get during the night, he suggests we add one more fender on the dockside.

We join him with his wife, Christie, and his mother, Mary, on the deck for Happy Hour and learn a bit more about the island.

Mary points to the sky and we see a small plane coming over us, just clearing the treetops to land on the island's landing strip.  Makes it safely! 

The Messmers come by seaplane!

At the end of the day we are pleased to see a sunset reflecting in the water, and follow it as the sun gets lower and lower.  We sleep well on the newly installed memory foam and to the gentle rocking of the waves.  

Willie of Willie's Tug,
    and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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