Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 11 - Anacortes WA - Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenny arrives from the factory to assist Herb in getting Willie's Tug ready for trailering to Anacortes today.  They must lower the mast and radio antennae, among other things.

As they are preparing for the next step, Herb has to 'duck' to avoid getting knocked down by a duck in flight!  Aha!  Now, I know where that expression came from!  Possibly, that had been the mallard's flyway before we came and docked in his path.  His vision may be failing.  We're just glad neither he or Herb were injured.

When all is ready, Herb guides the tug into the sling for lifting out of the water.  

The hoist is like a giant spider moving the boat along toward the trailer, and I am amazed at the operator as he expertly makes his back and forward turns.

All loaded up now and we are on our way.  It is an uneventful trip, but as we get close to Anacortes, excitement builds as we begin to see familiar highway signs and landmarks.

We are home.

We learn that Cap Sante Marine is the lift that has capabilities of putting us into the water.  It is a little different operation, as their slings knit together after being inserted under the boat from either side.  Interesting.

Hmmm, there are two boats tied at the water's edge, and Herb's job is to expertly maneuver between them.  He did.

Just as we are settling into our slip at Cap Sante, our delightful friends whom we met last year (and who have now moved from the Seattle area to Anacortes) came to visit. 
We had a very wonderful reunion and a equally tasty meal at The Brown Lantern restaurant.  Being Friday night and the Waterfront Festival in full bloom in downtown Anacortes, we had to wait for a table.  When the four of us  were seated at a table for six, we invited the next couple in line to join us to minimize their wait.  

We learn that they are both lieutenants in the Navy, and we expressed our thanks for their service to our Country, and told them that our church prays regularly for the military.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
     and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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