Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's a Fun, Scary Time at Advanced RV Resort -- Sunday, October 30, 2016

There is always something fun going on at Advanced RV Resort in Houston/Pearland, and now that Herb and I 'live' here, we are able to participate in some of the activities.  We have always called it 'home' when we drove Sweet Caroline from Port Isabel a couple of times a year.  I loved to walk into the office upon arrival to register and hear Kathy and Angela say, "Welcome home!"

Now, Lisa is in the office to help keep us straight.

On our morning walk around the park we note the Halloween decorations are so clever with the Autumn colors and funny characters at many RV sites.  

In the afternoon, we walk over to the common areas for the much anticipated Halloween party, which begins with the dog parade. Each well behaved -- well, mostly -- pet on leash prances into the pumpkin patch where he poses for a photo.  The owners get really good shots, while I do the best I can to grab a quick shoot and try to stay out of the way of little children.

If costumes are judged, I don't hear a winner announced, but think all the animals should get First Place for allowing themselves to be dressed.  They all seem to enjoy the attention, petting, and plentiful biscuit treats.  

Kids' games are held outside the main hall, but the shadows prevent good photos.  Pictured below is the bowling alley with pins being rolls of bathroom tissue.  A small girl in an angel costume rolls the not-so-perfectly-rounded pumpkin toward the pins, hoping for a strike -- or at least to get the 'ball' all the way down the alley.  She gets two do-overs before the pumpkin makes contact.  Cheers are heard!  For her prize she gets to choose a Trick or Treat candy from a pumpkin basket.

The ring toss onto a witch's hat is really difficult.  An adult commented that he had to try many times before ringing it.  Do-overs are allowed, and by looking very closely, I see the ring finally falling over the hat.  

I can't figure out this game, but apparently the children know what to do.  This young lady throws a ball into the shark's mouth.  Hmmm...I don't see a line to stand behind.  It really doesn't matter, as all children are winners and all get to choose a candy from the pumpkin basket.

The fishing game is hilarious!  As I approach the area, I see a fishing line wound around the ceiling fan and many efforts to get it loose.  This reminds me of days gone by when Herb and I fished a lake in Louisiana (and lost a line or two in the treetops).  Well, the fish hide in the tree roots so we had to get in close...

Now the young man is ready to cast over and behind the screen to catch a fish in the imaginary pond behind.  A lady stands at the edge to tell him when it is time to cast.

Up and away his baited line goes!

I am allowed to cheat and peek behind the screen, where I see a man attaching a piece of Trick or Treat candy onto the young man's line.  Everyone's a winner and the children are very excited with their catches!

The angels hold onto their wings.

These sisters have a very, very scary costume, and I don't want to go where they have been.

This year's chairman of activities is Diane, who welcomes everyone, thanks the volunteers who worked on the event, and announces the schedule of fun for the month.  A spaghetti dinner follows. 

Oh, did I mention door prizes?  This is a bracelet made of beads by a guest of the Resort.  

The greatest benefit of a get together like this is visiting with neighbors and being able to meet new friends.

Lisa Joins her friends, Traci and daughter Taylor, in the festivities.

I almost do not recognize Angela, the Zombie, as I catch her at the dessert buffet.  I wonder if she will ever get her green face to be alive again!

I offer my thanks to all the volunteers who lent their creativity, time and effort to make this a fun day.  And a big Thank You to Advanced RV Resort for sponsoring.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, October 30, 2016

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  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Cindy