Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day Five, I Can't Believe We Did That! -- Sunday, August 28, 2016

I wake.  Where am I?  I open my eyes and see familiar surroundings.  It's a boat -- but it's not Willie's Tug.  Oh, yeah, I am aboard On Your Mark moored at Sanctuary Marina.  It's all coming back now; we were very tired after getting in late last evening, so did not go ashore to walk.  We began preparing dinner.  Oh, and cocktails.

So, although we are a day's journey from Port Isabel, On Your Mark is not far from her home port, Port Aransas.  Well, this will be a short day of cruising.  Herb cooks eggs and I almost finish off Shelly's awesome granola that she makes for her Daddy.  (Sorry AJ; there's not much left.)

And with Port A in our sights, we cast off the lines at 7:23A under sunny skies and drift away from the dock.  As we motor down the fairway, I have a horrible, horrible thought!  We forgot to pay!  I know the drill.  There is no harbormaster on site, but a sign directs you to put your check in a mail slot.  Oh, how terrible!  I can't believe we forgot.  I'll blame it on being traumatized by an alligator.  Just kidding.

We really don't want to go back, tie up again, and wait until 8A when the office opens.

I grab my phone and search for the harbormaster's phone number, as we continue sailing.  I dial and amazingly a voice answers.  I identify myself and the boat, which he may remember as having been here before.  As I explain the situation, he says not to worry.  Mailing a check later will be just fine.  Whew!

Cruising out of the harbor, I take a photo of some of the houses seaside and notice one of them reminds me of my house in Port Isabel.

The sun stays with us and seas are calm, except for San Antonio Bay, which is a little bouncy.  Two feet or less chop.

Look!  A lighthouse.  I always try to take a photo of them for daughter Roxie.  This one is called Aransas Pass Light Station, a Texas Historical Marker.  The tower was started in 1855 and lighted in 1856 to mark the natural Gulf pass to Aransas and Corpus Christi Bays by way of Lydia Ann Channel.  Google tells me it is owned by Charles Clarence Butt of H-E-B grocery fame, and its rich history can be read at this link.  The light still shines, but the U. S. Coast Guard has taken over its professional duties.

Lengthy history here.

Mr. Butt himself has an interesting history which can be read here.

A sailboat is a rare sighting in the ICW, especially with the sails.  Of course, she is motoring.  I hope she finds the wind she needs.

All too soon we arrive at Island Moorings Marina in Port A, and are greeted by neighbor, Luther.  He helps us unload and welcomes us back.  Herb calls Joe to let him know On Your Mark is home and safe.

The sun is still high in the sky and Herb and I think we can make it to Port Isabel by a reasonable hour, so off we go.

Find Willie's cocktail at the end of the cruise....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, August 28, 2016

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