Monday, September 14, 2015

My Very Own Xtra Tuf Boots! -- 7/30/2015

It is a shopping day in Petersburg!   I get my list – put on a warm cap, Alaska jacket, blinding bright yellow raincoat, mostly dry blue boat shoes and walk the long dock and up the ramp into town.  First stop is the Trading Union store, which houses a grocery store on the first level and awesome clothing, shoes and gifts upstairs.

It is way past time to get our Xtra Tuf boots and we know what they are for.  Rain, puddles.  I have hope today, and try not to think about the many times I have looked at the sizes written on the boxes and seen NO WOMEN sizes, and the smallest MAN’s is a size 5.  Way too big for my foot!

The clerk in the shoe department brings many, many sizes and styles and I finally find one that works.  She suggests the cushion-ey sock like Herb has selected, and it makes the boot mine!  As I walk back to the boat, I find myself still wanting to walk around puddles -- even while wearing my Xtra Tuf rain boots.

Choose:  shoe or boot?

Boots Made for Puddles!
Next on the list are hardware items, and I am puzzled about the laundry aisle.  Starch?  Iron? I think of the store as one catering to boaters, and don't have a blouse on the boat that I would starch.  Also I have no iron along, but I suppose some locals shop here also.

Need Laundry Items?

Lunch is halibut bits and chips at Coastal Cold Storage Café and Seafood Market, which does not have malt vinegar, but a lady at the next table brings her own bottle and shares with us for the halibut.  How friendly is this?

Coincidentally, I finally post an entry on my blog from when we were here earlier in July, and Stuart comments on Facebook about Petersburg having good pizza.    I should mention at this point how cold, wet, and rainy the weather is outside while I sit in my warm and dry boat, but I do feel Papa Bear’s Pizza parlor calling me.  Last chance – we may leave tomorrow.

So we go.  The cafe is full; no one in Petersburg stays home because of the weather.   Herb orders spicy Italian sausage and I opt for pepperoni (of course) with mushrooms and pineapple.    The clerk tells us it will be 20 – 25 minutes, and we are greeted by Papa Bear himself while we wait.  He tells us he imports the Italian sausage and guarantees Herb will enjoy it.  He gives us a bit of history of Petersburg and his previous work before coming here.  One point makes us laugh – while Kake is a Tlingit village, Petersburg is Norwegian because the Tlingits didn't like the weather here, so traveled farther north to Kake.

Herb tells Papa Bear you can tour several harbors by booking a Petersburg to Petersburg passage on the ferry.  You will see Juneau, Haynes and Skagway.

Papa Bear explains the mural in the dining room, pointing out which bear represents him, his wife, his daughter, and says the one fishing for pizza on the extreme right is the satisfied customer.    Well, that would be Herb and Willie.  I can’t remember when I have had a pizza this delicious.   The 12 inch pies are still hot when we get them back to the boat and I eat a little more than I should, but still have left-overs for tomorrow’s lunch.  I make hot tea in my cheery red strawberry cup, mostly to warm my hands.

Pappa Bear, your team is a winner!

In the mural the black bear on the left is Papa Bear tossing pizza dough, and the bear in the red coat at the right is on a purse seiner drawing in the net that has caught a boatload of pizzas.

Papa Bear
 Willie of Willie's Tug,
    and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
    Thursday, July 30, 2015

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