Sunday, March 1, 2015

Of Puppies and Snow -- 2/25/2015

We hear it is snowing in Longview TX -- surely not!  It hardly ever snows in Northeast Texas -- ice? Yes!  Systems leave the Rockies to swoop down on Dallas and tap Longview, then head up toward Boston.  

As luck would have it, Herb and I are en route to Longview to the home of our former neighbors, David and Patti, and opt to travel in the truck rather than the motor home due to rain all along the route.

When they invite us to come, they warn us that they have a nine week old black Lab named Trapper.  Forewarned.

As we travel along, we begin to see snow in the shadows of trees along the highway in Deep East Texas.  Uh, oh, it could get worse.

With an ETA of 6P, we get a text at 4:30 from David, who says we should not hurry.  They have just gotten home from their lake cabin and found the electricity off.  They will start a fire in the fireplace.  Not to worry.

When we arrive, cocktails and a nice wood burning fire are waiting.  

Oh, yes, Trapper welcomes us!    He is let out of his kennel now and then to socialize.  The puppy is hilarious.  Annie is the older yellow Lab.  Trapper will begin his obedience training soon, and will be a faithful hunting companion for David.  He has a beautiful black coat and captivating eyes, and brings much joy to the household.

Hold still, Trapper.

Good Boy!

Herb:  "Don't chew my shoe, Trapper!"

Trapper, don't tear my vest!!!

Suddenly we hear a siren, which startles me, but is music to David's ears.  It tells him the power has been restored.  All is well!

My camera captures Patti in front of her back door leading to a snow covered patio table.

As I walk upstairs to the guest room, I pass a photo of Patti in her wedding dress.  The wedding had a Medieval theme and was a very beautiful and spiritual service.  I was invited to be one of the Ladies in Waiting.  Oh, but, this would be another story. ...

We are soon joined by Jack and Ava, neighbors across the street.  How wonderful to be together again.  With so much to catch up on, we forget the passing time until hunger reminds us. 

David calls his favorite restaurant to see if they are still open, and learns they are closed due to the weather.  He calls his second choice only to find they will not seat any more guests at this 'late' hour.  Oh, my!  Is anyone else open tonight?  Yes, we do find a restaurant to welcome us.

The Hood of Centenary Circle, Huntington Park

Together Again
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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