Sunday, March 30, 2014

Find Willie's Tug -- 3/17/2014

From our hotel it is a short walk to Pacific Marine, where Willie's Tug is waiting for us, so we don't wait for a ride from friends.  We are too excited!

Find Willie's Tug....

Herb puts our luggage aboard.

Soon our first visitors come, and bring my favorite wine, Malbec.  We do not christen Willie's Tug, we save the bottle for Happy Hour.  

Bob leaves us the use of his truck for the time we are here.

Bob and Nita


More friends arrive and offer to help bring our boxes from the storage locker.  With three vehicles we make only one trip.

With a prediction of winds picking up, we cruise over to our slip at Cap Sante on F-Dock.  

Vicki Leads

Patrick and Gail, Bruce and Vicki, and Anne give us a hand.  I cannot believe how many boxes there are and that it all had fit on the yellow R-27.  

Vicki brings rugs and more, plus suggestions of how she has made her R-31, MoonShadow, (our sister ship) more comfortable.

Bruce brings a load; Anne goes for another.


We take a break and examine the boat, push a lot of buttons, and look in a lot of compartments.  Oh, my!  This button slowly raises the engine cover in the cockpit.  Sweet.

Herb looks in the engine compartment.

Now the work begins.  I lose count of the number of boxes, but they all need to be unloaded -- and the stuff put somewhere.  The first thing I do is make the bed, because I suspect at the end of the day I will fall into it very tired, but oh, so happy!

If it fits,....
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, March 17, 2014


  1. Wow what a beauty! You are going to love the space from the looks of those totes full of very important "STUFF"! What wonderful help from great friends. You are blessed!
    Cindy and Gerry (Celtic Sun)

  2. Be aware, we might just show up at your slip -- after you have everything put away!

    1. So I will tell you it is put away...;)

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