Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Oh, How They Dance" -- 2/15/2014

Oh, how they dance on the night they are wed!  

Friends gather in the inviting setting, the room with Paul's collection of motorcycles and one of his airplanes, to witness the exchange of vows between him and Rebecca.  He greets everyone in the courtyard, directs them to sign the guest book and announces the bar is open.

The Rev. Bill Waddell, who officiates at the ceremony, quotes a line from the movie "Love Story" which says "Love means never having to say you are sorry." He grins as he comments he thinks that is 'stupid.'

(Laughter is heard among the guests.)

He says saying you are sorry is a good thing, and instructs them to say it to each other now!  I think they do, although there is much laughter again and hard to hear.

A lovely Christian ceremony continues, with Pastor Bill asking their daughters, as well as all guests, to support the marriage.  He reads from 1 Corinthians: 4, which begins, "Love is patient, love is kind."  Again the couple laugh at the word 'patient.'  (So tell me now, who is more patient -- Paul? or Rebecca?  or are they equally patient?)

After the vows, the exchange of rings, the kiss, they are pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seales.


Paul makes a joke about how the ceremony was supposed to include having Rebecca obey him....

Gary gives a special champagne toast from his heart and blesses their new lives together, after which we enjoy an endless dinner buffet.  

Did I mention the bar is open?

The groom's cake is topped with the likeness of Paul's airplane, and both cakes are so beautiful, they don't look real.  But they are!!!  The bride's cake is multi-tiered and a yummy strawberry.  Rebecca designed it with uneven layers to represent the fact that nothing in life on Earth is perfect.  

Red, pink and white hearts and cupid's arrows are scattered on the tables, and remind me of the closeness to Valentine's Day and the sweetness of the reason for our gathering.

A few guests are shown below.

It is a pleasure to meet the children, grandchildren and grandparents.  Family members are quick to point out whose children are whose in the newly created extended family.  What a blessing to have God join them all together.

As the evening comes to a close and goodbyes are said, someone is heard to say, "Paul really knows how to throw a block party."


Rebecca and Paul,
The two of you are a song!
Your lives are in harmony.

Rebecca, you "Saved the Last Dance" for Paul.
On "Some Enchanted Evening" you will
Sing your "Anniversary Song" and will be
"Dancing in the Street" "Til the End of Time."

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seales

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, February 15, 2014

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