Sunday, March 30, 2014

Find Willie's Tug -- 3/17/2014

From our hotel it is a short walk to Pacific Marine, where Willie's Tug is waiting for us, so we don't wait for a ride from friends.  We are too excited!

Find Willie's Tug....

Herb puts our luggage aboard.

Soon our first visitors come, and bring my favorite wine, Malbec.  We do not christen Willie's Tug, we save the bottle for Happy Hour.  

Bob leaves us the use of his truck for the time we are here.

Bob and Nita


More friends arrive and offer to help bring our boxes from the storage locker.  With three vehicles we make only one trip.

With a prediction of winds picking up, we cruise over to our slip at Cap Sante on F-Dock.  

Vicki Leads

Patrick and Gail, Bruce and Vicki, and Anne give us a hand.  I cannot believe how many boxes there are and that it all had fit on the yellow R-27.  

Vicki brings rugs and more, plus suggestions of how she has made her R-31, MoonShadow, (our sister ship) more comfortable.

Bruce brings a load; Anne goes for another.


We take a break and examine the boat, push a lot of buttons, and look in a lot of compartments.  Oh, my!  This button slowly raises the engine cover in the cockpit.  Sweet.

Herb looks in the engine compartment.

Now the work begins.  I lose count of the number of boxes, but they all need to be unloaded -- and the stuff put somewhere.  The first thing I do is make the bed, because I suspect at the end of the day I will fall into it very tired, but oh, so happy!

If it fits,....
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, March 17, 2014

Seattle, Here we Come! -- 3/16/2014

Tomorrow's the day we get to see the new Willie's Tug.  She is 'Ranger Grey,' not yellow.  This will take some getting used to.

We drive to San Antonio for a non-stop flight on Alaska Air to Seattle, where we are picked up by an amazing Anne Cox at 9:55P and dropped off at our hotel in Anacortes near midnight.  (Our internal clocks are still on Central time, but the excitement keeps us alert.)

We sleep fast so we can have an early morning -- can't wait to see and climb aboard Willie's Tug!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jake's Bath -- 3/15/2014

Whenever Jake wants something, he comes up to us and looks us right in the eye, never wavering.  Mental telepathy, you know.

Sometimes his powers (or ours) aren't the greatest and we have to do trial and error to figure out what he wants.

So today he is ready for his bath.  I take him to the patio at the back of our home, which we call 'Jake's Bathroom,' because we had a bathtub built for him -- steps for his easy access, and on a raised platform to make it comfortable for us when we give him his shower.

He literally runs up the steps and sits down in his tub, tolerates the wetting down, enjoys the soaping and rinsing.  However, enough is enough, and he thinks it is time!

"I could escape if I wanted to."

He cuts his eyes over toward the steps that provide a quick get-away, but when I whisper in his ear that I am ready to towel him, he gives me a smile.  He is ready to be brushed so he can roll in the grass -- and be brushed again!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, March 15, 2014

New House.... -- 3/10/2014

Willie:  Herb, I have been thinking of rearranging the furniture in the living room.

     Herb:  OK.

Willie:  I would like the TV to be on the north wall toward the Laguna Madre.

     Herb:  Willie, the TV is built in to the entertainment center.

Willie:  And your point is....

     Herb:  You cannot just move the entertainment center.  It is large, it is                     attached to the wall, and it will not fit between the windows on the wall you selected.

Willie:  So?

Herb:  Willie?

Willie:  Oh, I get it -- let's get the cabinet guy who built it to come dismantle and fix it like new.  Now what was is name?     Also, I would like to have the living room furniture moved to the west side of the great room and the dining room moved to the east. 

In preparation for the work to begin, Herb and I unload all the books, DVDs, games, camera monitors, keepsakes and whatnots onto the kitchen counter, as well as onto the beds and floors of the two guest rooms.  It looks like hoarders!

Phillipe, the cabinet maker, comes to assess the project and promises his crew will be here manana.  A couple of hours work and the entertainment center is in several pieces with the TV module is installed on the north wall toward the bay.  Amazing how well and quickly they work!

Jose Cuts Access

Herb calculates where the wire should enter under the entertainment center in its new location and drills a hole in my tile floor!!!  Yea!  He measures correctly!  Now just a little repair work on the baseboard and a little paint and it is just like new.

Dining room furniture moves from one side of the great room to the other.  
We take two leaves out of the dining table to make ample room for a cozy dinner for six in the east side of the room.  Living room furniture moves to the west side.   Rearrange, and then rearrange again.

Rugs relocate or go away for a totally different look.

I think I have a new house, and I like it.

Cozy dinner for Sam, Myrna (Herb) Inez and Bob

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, March 10, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Oh, How They Dance" -- 2/15/2014

Oh, how they dance on the night they are wed!  

Friends gather in the inviting setting, the room with Paul's collection of motorcycles and one of his airplanes, to witness the exchange of vows between him and Rebecca.  He greets everyone in the courtyard, directs them to sign the guest book and announces the bar is open.

The Rev. Bill Waddell, who officiates at the ceremony, quotes a line from the movie "Love Story" which says "Love means never having to say you are sorry." He grins as he comments he thinks that is 'stupid.'

(Laughter is heard among the guests.)

He says saying you are sorry is a good thing, and instructs them to say it to each other now!  I think they do, although there is much laughter again and hard to hear.

A lovely Christian ceremony continues, with Pastor Bill asking their daughters, as well as all guests, to support the marriage.  He reads from 1 Corinthians: 4, which begins, "Love is patient, love is kind."  Again the couple laugh at the word 'patient.'  (So tell me now, who is more patient -- Paul? or Rebecca?  or are they equally patient?)

After the vows, the exchange of rings, the kiss, they are pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seales.


Paul makes a joke about how the ceremony was supposed to include having Rebecca obey him....

Gary gives a special champagne toast from his heart and blesses their new lives together, after which we enjoy an endless dinner buffet.  

Did I mention the bar is open?

The groom's cake is topped with the likeness of Paul's airplane, and both cakes are so beautiful, they don't look real.  But they are!!!  The bride's cake is multi-tiered and a yummy strawberry.  Rebecca designed it with uneven layers to represent the fact that nothing in life on Earth is perfect.  

Red, pink and white hearts and cupid's arrows are scattered on the tables, and remind me of the closeness to Valentine's Day and the sweetness of the reason for our gathering.

A few guests are shown below.

It is a pleasure to meet the children, grandchildren and grandparents.  Family members are quick to point out whose children are whose in the newly created extended family.  What a blessing to have God join them all together.

As the evening comes to a close and goodbyes are said, someone is heard to say, "Paul really knows how to throw a block party."


Rebecca and Paul,
The two of you are a song!
Your lives are in harmony.

Rebecca, you "Saved the Last Dance" for Paul.
On "Some Enchanted Evening" you will
Sing your "Anniversary Song" and will be
"Dancing in the Street" "Til the End of Time."

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seales

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Laguna Madre Yacht Club Commodore's Ball -- 1/11/2014

Tonight is one of the highlights of my year, when we attend The Laguna Madre Yacht Club's annual Commodore's Ball, held at Isla Grande Beach Resort on South Padre Island.  We see special friends, meet new ones, listen to beautiful music, dance the night away, and enjoy a delicious feast. 

Arriving at 6P, we are greeted by Mike Myers of Sweet Pea and take our name tags.  A second look shows Cynde of Mark 4.1, who sends the eMail notifications of upcoming LMYC events.  It is our first time to meet her and we thank her for the service she performs, even though she doesn't live close enough to attend all socials.

What a delight to find a table with many albums and scrapbooks filled with photos and newspaper clippings telling of club activities in the past.  Mark shares with Herb some stories of his and Lettie's sailing on their Lancer 25, Barco de Marco.  

Beverages of our choice are 
available -- was Herb of Willie's Tug  first in line?  I think Bill has been served, and Marilyn H of Jet Boat is patient.

Instead of the set menu as in the past, this year we are treated to an endless buffet consisting of a variety of fruit, tossed and vegetable salads, carved roast beef au jus, boneless breast of chicken, Nappa Valley Pacific snapper almandine, fried shrimp roasted red potatoes, fresh baked breads and a variety of desserts.  

Could anyone go home hungry?  Comments I hear during the evening are that this is an awesome meal, and hope next year is a buffet, as well.

Many members attend and some bring guests, who are welcomed!

During the business session of the evening, Commodore Chris asks Judge Lynn to swear in the officers for the year 2014.

Music is provided by Keith DiSantis and his many musical instruments.  He delights us with oldies, some of which are "Danny Boy" and "King of the Road."

Guest speaker Wes Thom of Paper Dragon and local service expert whets our appetite and interest in the series of races planned the Spring and Fall.  He mentions the offshore overnight May 17 race, in which he will be involved, and which will set sail for "K" Buoy (20 miles offshore and 36 miles from Port Isabel jetties.  Think of a triangle.)  It is the Texas A&M WX buoy.  Rules are to round it, leave to starboard possibly, and head back home a little after sunrise, so as to cast off and return during the daytime.

Wes selected this time on the full moon, but if WX is bad, the race will be cancelled.

There is a possibility for fast boats to return before sunrise, and it has been suggested to ask Rick to take his TowBoat US to lead them safely through the jetties using range markers.

Hmmm.... sailing all night exciting!

The July 10 event is heading toward the oil rig, passing "K" Buoy, and on to "Hoover Diana," which pumps oil and gas to Louisiana.  Sitting in nearly 4800 feet of water, its anchor lines are seven miles long and begin at the bottom of the rig so as not to be in the way of vessels cruising close by.  Its tender is a 140 foot crew boat with 200 people on board.

Racing contestants are required to furnish proof with a photo of part of their boat with part of the rig showing in the background.  They will return to Port Isabel after the 140 mile cruise of three days -- two nights and three days offshore.  

They must prepare to cook and feed their crew.  The area is good fishing, and anyone who catches, cleans, and eats the fish gets a bonus off the handicap time.

In a recent race John Pinkerman of Sea Gal caught a fish.  Mark and Dee Fryer of Corps Trip  didn't try to fish, were in the lead in a bigger boat, but Pinkerman won due to the handicap.  Mark was on the edge of a squall and saw many turtles, which made it difficult to steer and not hit them.  Pinkerman was in the squall and saw only one turtle.  Wes says they all had a great time!

To make the racing more interesting, prizes will be given.  Miles of Yacht Lady will give a bottle of White Hat Rum to each participant.  Padre Rita Grill of South Padre Island will contribute a $100 gift certificate for dinner, and Pirates Landing in Port Isabel has two $50 gift certificates.

I must say these cruises sound so exciting and almost makes me want to crew on one!

Missing from our group tonight is Tommy Carruth, Life Member #1 and Founding Commodore.  We honor his memory and Herb presents a slide show of photos we have collected, with background music of "Sail on, Sailor" by Jimmy Buffett.

Our hearts wave back to Tommy.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, January 11, 2014